Why choose us

We are small family business based in Halstead consisting of husband and wife team - Jack and Alice Woods. We have over 6 years of professional experience in the lawn treatment industry.

It’s clear to us that there is not only a need for lawn care in the area, but also a reliable and affordable service. With our customer base being very local, we can manage our business very efficiently. We strive to have a good relationship with our customers and always work hard to solve issues in our customers lawns.

Many people say quality is better than quantity, that’s why we want to have happy, long term customers and a good reputation in the community, so we work extra hard to make that a reality.

The last few years have been a great lesson to us in how to overcome unpredictable weather. The climate in Essex is a real challenge with dry hot spells in the summer. So each year we learn new ways to adapt and keep the lawns as strong and healthy as possible.

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